Urban Forest Plantation at NED University

Urban Forest Plantation project was started at NED University on 24th January, 2020 in front of NED University Boys Gymnasium (the location was selected by NED officials & finalized in consent of Pak Suzuki) & completed on 19th February. Total 90 saplings of 14 species (Sehtoot, Jamun, Badam, Anjeer, Ber, Amrood, Anar, Lemon, Curry Leaf, Imli, Falsa, Amaltas, Cheeko, Shareefa) have been planted. Urban Forest Plantation have many benefits, few are mentioned, 1- Retain water, thus assist in recharging the ground water table. 2- Attract more birds and insects, produce native fruits and improve air quality. 3- Occupy empty spaces in an urban area, have 30 times more CO2 absorption capacity and 30 times better noise, and dust reduction ability, than the conventional tree plantation, etc.

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